I focus on relationships between living bodies and the forms that protect and comfort them. I explore spaces and gestures that hold memories, emotions and beliefs. Using widely available materials like fabric and foam, I stretch, poke, and dissect to push something unexpected to the surface. I find moments that are beautiful and ugly, seductive and repulsive, exciting and embarrassing. My practice encompasses installation, sculpture, collage, and movement workshops.

I work with vivid color because of its ability to disarm the intellect. Its disorienting effect obstructs the steady stream of habitual thought that forms our realities. Color brings our minds to physical sensation and emotion, signaling an invitation to not take things too seriously. In this state we are better able to absorb the experiences in front of us. My use of soft geometry and irregular forms is similarly intended to alleviate mental, physical and emotional rigidity. The installations and sculptures I make find unusual ways of balancing and remaining intact. I am attracted to a form when I can detect a physical response to its environment from the posture it holds. The interdependent relationships between the pieces I make and the spaces they occupy are activated as they lean, droop, reach and cling in order to direct the observer’s attention.

© 2019 Monica Dixon